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Resident Evil 7: Who Grandma Is


Resident Evil 7: Who Grandma Is

Who Grandma Is – Resident Evil 7


While playing through Resident Evil 7, you’ll find yourself at odds with the Baker family. They’ve been infected with some mysterious virus that has them hellbent on either keeping you in the house or killing you (their stance on the matter seems to change with the wind). There’s one member of the family that you’ll see constantly but never appears to do anything, making her a living curiosity as you fearfully explore the halls of the Baker residence. The grandma can be found at many moments just sitting there, staring at you. Even more curious is the fact that you can’t interact with or use a weapon against her (not that we’re in the business of harming old ladies).

It turns out that the harmless old lady is much more than what she seems. The grandma is actually the center of the whole nightmare you face in Resident Evil 7 because she’s really Eveline. Eveline, the little girl you constantly hear mentioned throughout the game, is a living weapon created by some mysterious organization that has the power to control people and even give them super human abilities. In order to keep her stable, though, she requires maintenance injections. Without them she ages at 25x normal speed, becomes more violent, and can alter the environment around her.

The reason you always see her when things are about to get hectic is because she’s there watching and giving orders. Creepy, huh?

Now that you know who Grandma is, be sure to check out our wiki for more on Resident Evil 7.

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