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Overwatch’s Sombra Used to Look a Lot Like Ana and Play a Lot Like Genji

Sombra, Overwatch

Overwatch’s Sombra Used to Look a Lot Like Ana and Play a Lot Like Genji

Sombra started off very differently.

Following roughly 800 years of Sombra teasers, we finally met the newest Overwatch champion at BlizzCon 2016. In a panel following her official announcement, the Overwatch team went further into her design, and what she originally looked and played like.

Early Sombra designs had her as a throwing star hero, wielding a sort of omni-blade weapon and a more Mexican-themed outfit, the team said. They wanted her to be an agile and stealthy hero, and imagined her using throwing daggers to reveal enemies in the vicinity.


Eventually, they realized this design resembled to closely abilities of Hanzo and Genji. That concept was shelved, and the team eventually landed on the hacking hero we know today.


Sombra also struggled with resembling Ana too much. The two characters were being created around the same time, and both ended up with hooded, caped silhouettes. Once more, Sombra needed to be reworked into a more unique direction.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more BlizzCon coverage in the coming days, and for more on Sombra, check out her new gameplay trailer of her abilities or her two revealed skins over here.


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