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Overwatch’s Sombra Receives New Origin Story Trailer


Overwatch’s Sombra Receives New Origin Story Trailer

Best. Hacker. Ever.

Sombra is the newest character to join the Overwatch team and we have finally gotten a chance to learn where she has come from. During Blizzard’s Overwatch – What’s New panel we were shown a video that gives us a glimpse at her background. Following the same line as Ana, this was an animated feature that showed her growing up in the city of Dorado. We also know that Sombra had taken up arms with the Los Muertos gang that are an illegal group working to “liberate” Mexico.

We also know that she is currently working with Talon thanks to the hacking device implanted into her spine. However, the panel made a point to emphasise that Sombra is not specifically aligned with any group. She is in it for herself and is clearly willing to turn against anyone if it suits her.

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