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Overwatch: How to Play Sombra (Weapons, Abilities, Ultimate)


Overwatch: How to Play Sombra (Weapons, Abilities, Ultimate)

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Sombra, the elusive hacker that has teased Overwatch fans for months on end, has finally been revealed along with exactly what she’s capable. She’s a tricky fighter who is categorized under Overwatch’s Offense Role, which would normally mean she’s built for DPS. However, thanks to her particular weapons and abilities, she can also serve as a potent means of support for your team to shut down enemy forces.

Whether it’s holding down a point on an objective, players are going to want at least one Sombra on their team. The thing is, right now she’s classified as a three-star difficulty hero, which is the highest you can go. That means she is definitely meant for skilled players who don’t mind exhibiting a bit more finesse when making their move on a target.

To provide a little insight into the hero, we’ll take a look at her weapons and special abilities, including her ultimate attack (which is sure to please).

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