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Blizzard Details Overwatch’s Arcade Mode: Includes New Modes and Rewards


Blizzard Details Overwatch’s Arcade Mode: Includes New Modes and Rewards

Fight me 1v1!

Blizzard shared some details on their newest game mode that is heading towards Overwatch called “Arcade” that will include 1v1, 3v3, and 6v6 matches. They also decided to offer rewards to the Arcade game mode, which will give players up to three Loot Boxes. In order to actually earn these rewards you will have to actually win the matches, so make sure to try your best if you want these items.

One of the new game modes is called Mystery Duel which is a 1v1, best of 9 rounds for the two players. The catch is that you and your opponent will be randomly assigned a character, which will help balance it. Blizzard decided to create a custom map called Eco-Point Antartica (Mei’s Home) for this game mode since the others were way too large for such a small number of players. This is the first time Blizzard has included any time of non-team based mode for their shooter, so make sure to practice up if you want to prove who’s best.


Another new mode is a 3v3 Elimination that is a best of five, which will come with in-game matchmaking. You are allowed to pick your characters, but once you pick them that character will be locked in for the duration of the round.  There is a single hero limit for this mode, which is for balancing issues that may arise.

Mystery Heroes has returned which randomly select characters for players in a 6v6 game mode, as well as a new game type called “No Limits.” This gives players the ability to pick more than one of the same hero for a team, due to Quick Play now receiving a single hero limit for players. The adjustments to Quick Play will be live on the PTR this upcoming Monday.

Finally, there will be a playlist that is just nothing but the various Brawls that Blizzard has been introducing over the past months. They also teased a new mode called “This is Ilios ” which is nothing but Lucio’s and Roadhogs set around the giant well in the center of the map. There is little doubt that Blizzard is moving in the right direction and certainly giving more flavor to Overwatch.

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