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Take a Drone Tour of San Francisco in Latest Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

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Take a Drone Tour of San Francisco in Latest Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

Welcome to SF.

Ubisoft has released the latest trailer for Watch Dogs 2, one which utilizes the tools of a hacker to grace us with a drone tour of the game’s San Francisco Bay Area.

The drone soars past areas spanning from Oakland to the infamous Silicon Valley. DedSec hacker and game protagonist, Marcus Holloway, narrates as he shows us his (and our future) technological playground where players infiltrate the city’s surveillance system.

Holloway already seems to have oodles more personality than his predecessor, Watch Dogs’ Aiden Pearce. This is apparent both by his charismatic confidence in his hacking abilities and by the fact that the video concludes with him petting a cute puppy.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Nov. 15. For more, check out the introduction of Watch Dogs 2’s main antagonist, Dusan Nemec, or a story trailer confirming the return of Watch Dogs character T-Bone.

Do you think Watch Dogs 2 has the potential to surpass the first installment? Let us know below!

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