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This Animated Short Perfectly Nails the Reality of Every Overwatch Game


This Animated Short Perfectly Nails the Reality of Every Overwatch Game


For those who play Overwatch, the chaos of waiting for a game to start while trapped in a small room is incredibly well known. Before every game, players are stuck in a safe zone full of random objects and posters that are usually just there for set decoration. Almost all of the items, such as popcorn buckets, vending machines, and arcade cabinets are fully destructible, yet these rooms rarely ever stay clean for long. It’s mainly due to players just shooting or kicking everything around them as they wait for the timer to eventually hit zero so they can actually play.

This has always been a quirk of Overwatch players and thanks to Youtuber Wronchi Animations you can now get a first-hand glimpse into every pre-game reality. The accuracy of their newest animated short “Welcome to Hanamura” is almost scary, as moments such as players spamming voice chat with “My Ultimate is Charging” and “Hello” happen fairly regularly. Couple this with everyone’s need to spray their various logos on top of one another and the wait for games can get quite entertaining.

Yet, this isn’t the first time that Wronchi Animations have tackled Overwatch as their video titled “Move the Payload!” showcases the reality of users who decide to ignore the actual objective. It’s all in good fun, of course, but Wronchi has done a very successful job of bringing to life the weirder and more amusing parts of Overwatch to life. Seriously, we’ve lost count how many times our team has switched to playing all Hanzo at the last minute.

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