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Final Fantasy XV Gets in on All the Recent Red Dead Hype


Final Fantasy XV Gets in on All the Recent Red Dead Hype

Red Dead Fantasy?

Rockstar Games released another cryptic image on their Twitter page today, showing seven cowboy looking figures standing against a bright red sunset. The popular sentiment is of course, like the image released a few days ago, this is leading up to the reveal of a new Red Dead game.

Twitter has basically been exploding in the hours since, with people speculating up a storm and parodying the image released today in various ways. It looks like other gaming companies want to get in on the fun a bit too, specifically Square Enix who sent out the tweet below over Final Fantasy XV’s official Twitter.

As you can see it’s the same background featured in Rockstar’s picture from earlier, but this time the main party of Final Fantasy XV has been set against it. Noctis and crew fit right into the picture, and it’s funny how you could almost imagine this setting right out of Final Fantasy XV itself. Fans seem to be split however, with a good portion of the comments joining in with the joke, while others simply say “no.”

Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on Final Fantasy, you can take a look at the new Amazon RoadTrip campaign that lets players explore the world of Eos early. If you want to see more on the potential new Red Dead game, take a look at ten things we think a new title needs. 

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV joining in on the fun? What do you hope to see Rockstar announced soon? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.



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