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Overwatch’s D.Va Lands Announcer Gig in StarCraft II


Overwatch’s D.Va Lands Announcer Gig in StarCraft II

“D.Va one, bad guys zero!”

D.Va, the pro-gamer/mech pilot hero from Overwatch, will be joining StarCraft II as an announcer for the real-time strategy game.

Blizzard announced the news in a blog post on, revealing that those who attend this year’s BlizzCon (either as an actual attendee or via a virtual ticket online) will be receiving the “D.Va Announcer and Portrait” add-on pack for the game.

D.Va is one of seven new announcers set to be added to StarCraft II with the latest patch, but – as the studio point out – she will be the first character “whose origins lie outside the realm of StarCraft II lore.”

That said, the playable Overwatch hero is famous for her familiarity with the StarCraft e-sports scene, even if she is now more focused on saving the world alongside Winston and the gang.

Blizzard also included a dozen samples of D.Va’s new announcer voice-lines on the post, which you can listen to free of charge.

The studio did mention that the pack will be available to purchase sometime in the future for those who don’t attend Blizzcon, but her portrait – which can be used instead of a clan logo in StarCraft II’s in-game town hall – will be exclusive to ticket holders only.

BlizzCon 2016 is set to take place from November 4th-5th this year in Anaheim, California.





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