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Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Dugtrio Sent the Internet Into a Swoon Fest


Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Dugtrio Sent the Internet Into a Swoon Fest

A worthy evolution.

There have been no shortage of reveals and leaks since Nintendo revealed their latest entry into the Pokemon franchise. Since it’s initial reveal, it has been confirmed that various older generational Pokemon will have “Aloha Forms.” These are alternate versions that not only have new type additions but are visually changed in unique and interesting ways. Most of the time these are meant to reflect the island location of Pokemon Sun & Moon, but Dugtrio’s design is something else entirely.

Leaked today by data miners, this Pokemon’s new design is incredibly similar, with the exception of the flowing blonde hair that each one is sporting. Needless to say this shocked pretty much anyone and the internet couldn’t help but fall in love with this new design. Social media then blew up a few minutes after the leak as dozens posted their comments and thoughts on Dugtrio’s fabulous new hair.

Some couldn’t help but compare their new look to some real life counterparts.

It’s pretty clear that Dugtrio’s new look is possibly the best part of Pokemon Sun & Moon and it’s hard to believe any other Pokemon will top his design. Now all we can hope is that more pocket monsters in the future sport flowing hair that majestically captures the breeze.

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