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The 2DS is Getting a New Color Change All Thanks to Luigi


The 2DS is Getting a New Color Change All Thanks to Luigi

The 2DS is getting a color change from the traditional black color on the front with red or blue on the sides, and is instead going to be red or blue on the front and black on the sides. This design change has been explained by a fun video of Mario putting Luigi in charge of the 2DS factory and making a fatal flaw. He was supposed to entire his design code, but instead makes a mistake. The whole factory shuts down in panic over his mistake and employees start losing their minds. But in the end, Mario says that the accident was a smart choice and loves the new design. “Live footage” of the incident can be seen below.

The new color-swapped version of 2DS will be the same price as the original 2DS at 79.99 and will hit store shelves sometime in November. You can see more information about the change on Nintendo’s official website.

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