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Overwatch’s Latest Dev Update Talks Symmetra Rework, New Heroes and Modes

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Overwatch’s Latest Dev Update Talks Symmetra Rework, New Heroes and Modes

Heroes and reworks and modes, oh my!

The Overwatch community loves the heroes offered, but they’re also chomping at the bit for some new ones. While it’s likely the next one is going to be the elusive Sombra, Blizzard also revealed that they’ve begun working working on another hero as well. In their new developer video, director Jeff Kaplan took the time to speak on upcoming characters, along with a rework for Symmetra and new modes. He stated that the studio is “actively working on more heroes,” one he described as “very far along” and is coming together well. They think that this hero will arrive “sooner rather than later”, though a solid date wasn’t given.

As for the second hero, well, Kaplan didn’t have a whole lot to say on that front, as they’re currently in the prototype stage. To get them ready, the studio is using placeholder models, effects, and animations to prove the new hero is “fun”, but he thinks they’ve found a “really great hero.” Even though Kaplan and crew are “extremely happy” with the new addition, they also said that you shouldn’t expect to be able to play as them in Overwatch until sometime in 2017.

Kaplan also took the time to talk maps and modes. They work on maps for preexisting modes–one is “very far along,” and confidence in it is high enough to put in art, which he thinks fans will like in terms of look and story behind it–and then ones that are for new modes the company is experimenting with. Kaplan was very insistent on the possibility that the modes are experimental and that not all of them will become actual maps: “We make a lot more stuff than we actually release.” If a hero is broken on a map, they usually move away from that mode if the problem can’t be solved. Still, they’re actively exploring other modes and maps, and he’s hopeful that some of them will be released eventually.

Along with that cool stuff, Kaplan also took the time to talk about the changes to Symmetra. While they still aren’t entirely sure what they want to do with her, he did say that she for sure wasn’t going to become a healer–“she was never intended to become one”–and any changes would be more dramatic.

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