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Batman’s Rocksteady: “It’s Definitely Time to Do Something Else”


Batman’s Rocksteady: “It’s Definitely Time to Do Something Else”

The creators of the Arkham games say goodbye.

Though the release of Batman: Arkham Knight was originally touted as the end of developer Rocksteady’s time with the series, the team then turned around and announced Batman VR. With the virtual reality game now going gold however, Rocksteady is once again saying goodbye, and this time it seems to be for good.

Producer Dax Gin spoke to Eurogamer about how the team is handling the transition. “We submitted [Batman VR to Sony] last week which was an awesome experience,” he says.

But the emotions are bittersweet. Finally leaving the Arkham games behind, “I think there’s a little bit of sadness on the team. It feels like… breaking up?” Ginn says. The mood “is really split – there’s a feeling in the office like, it’s definitely time to do something else – we all accept that. But we all know Batman so well – we all feel comfortable in the Arkhamverse.”

Looking to the future, “We’re definitely letting go of that comfort blanket and putting ourselves in the position where whatever we do next is going to feel very different. There’s always an anxiety associated with change and that’s where we want to be. We want to feel uncomfortable because we want to make awesome stuff.”

When it comes to what that next project might be however, the developer is staying tightlipped. Only about half of the Rocksteady team was on Arkham VR, while the Arkham remasters are being handled by a separate studio, so something is definitely in development. “We’re in a very enviable position where we have some time and space to decide what we’re doing next,” Ginn explains. “We can sit back and think what our dream game would be, and we have Warner Bros.’ support to do that.

“I think we’ve proven that we’re a hardworking team, we work well together, and we can really decide what’s best creatively for our own destiny.”

Batman VR releases Oct. 13 for PSVR. Meanwhile, for those looking to relive the fist two epic Arkham games all over again, the Batman: Return to Arkham Collection will release Oct. 18.

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