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The 15 Most Hideous Games Ever Made


The 15 Most Hideous Games Ever Made

Ugly enough to break a mirror.

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Rambo: The Video Game (PS3, 360, PC)


When you think of the Rambo movies, you think of big explosions, Sylvester Stalone, and all-out action. What you get in the video game is shiny-skinned character models, blurry textures, and something that wouldn’t look too out of place on the PS2 and original Xbox.

Unfortunately, this was actually the 2014 release that came to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. If it’s not the very jagged character models and absent-detailed faces that do it for you, it’ll probably be the complete lack of textures in just about everything. It’s quite literally Rambo in a poorly drawn paper-thin world, and it looks horrific, particularly so for a game from last-gen.

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