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Final Fantasy XV’s TGS Trailer is Full of Villains, Summons, and Drama

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Final Fantasy XV’s TGS Trailer is Full of Villains, Summons, and Drama

Not so far off now.

Tokyo Game Show is just starting to kick off in Japan, and Final Fantasy XV has received a brand new trailer for the event, that almost feels like it could be a launch trailer. There’s a ton of new footage and info packed into the nearly five minute long video, released in Japanese with English subtitles.

Ardyn Izunia, the chancellor of Niflheim and one of the main villains of the game, is featured prominently in the trailer. He’s seen interacting with the main party a number of times, and even reveals his true identity to them at one point. There’s plenty of drama to be had as well, as we see Noctis finding out about his father’s death and grappling with it. A couple of the party members, particularly Noctis and Gladio, seem to have a bit of tension too.

The second half of the trailer plays the classic Final Fantasy theme while showing footage of exploration, battle, cutscenes and even a new summon that looks like it could be Shiva. Take a look at the full video down below.

Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We recently found out that the story of the game will actually take place over a ten year time span. Additionally, at Sony’s TGS press conference Square Enix unveiled a Limited Edition Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 console, that will in fact be available outside of Japan.

What do you think about Final Fantasy XV’s new trailer? Do you think it showed off just the right amount of new things, or maybe a little too much? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.


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