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5 Upcoming 2016 Games That Could Be Destroyed by Their Own Hype


5 Upcoming 2016 Games That Could Be Destroyed by Their Own Hype

Time to reign in those expectations.

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Modern Warfare Remastered

showdown call of duty modern warafre maps

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare quite possibly was the biggest player in building the online FPS landscape that we see before us today. With its wide range of weapons, perks, killstreaks, huge range of game modes, memorable maps, and Prestige system to give fans a reason to keep on playing, it was a huge step up from what had come before it.

While it’s not like later titles in the series didn’t retain this winning formula, the familiar feel of the weapons and sights of the map’s buildings are what many fans have been longing for. With Modern Warfare Remastered bringing very little new to the table other than a fresh lick of paint to get it looking like a 2016 shooter, it may look very outdated and basic when put alongside the likes of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and the newer, futuristic Infinite Warfare. Once the nostalgia goggles are off and players finally have the game in their hands, its nine-year-old gameplay may well show its age, and the pretty visuals may not be enough to make up for it.

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