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CD Projekt Red Wants You to Decimate Their Gwent Servers


CD Projekt Red Wants You to Decimate Their Gwent Servers

You have their permission to break everything.

CD Projekt Red’s standalone Gwent game, inspired by the Witcher 3 mini-game of the same name, is entering closed beta soon. But first, CD Projekt wants you to murder their servers in a special PC stress test event called “Kill the Servers!”.

“Metaphorically speaking,” CD Projekt clarified, “Kill the Servers! is designed to punch our hosting backend in the gut. We want to see how everything reacts to a lot of you joining the battlefield simultaneously. Once you blow out the fuses, and you probably will, we can fix things so the Closed Beta runs smooth when we launch on October 25th.”

The mass server attack will go down September 23 from 8am to 12pm PT, and September 27 from 11am to 3pm PT. PC players looking to join in will need to sign up for the Closed Beta and stay tuned to the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for key distribution times. Only a limited number of keys will go out, and it’ll be first come, first serve.

We got a chance to try out Gwent at this year’s E3, learning about its unique new cards and lengthy single-player campaign. You can check out our preview here.

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