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Elite Dangerous Patch 2.2 Will Add Luxury Liners, Aliens, and More

Elite Dangerous Patch 2.2

Elite Dangerous Patch 2.2 Will Add Luxury Liners, Aliens, and More

Yes, the aliens are dangerous too.

Elite Dangerous has another major patch on its way, this one bearing the version number 2.2, and it’s a biggie. According to PCGamesN, who got to see a presentation hosted by Frontier Developments, the patch will allow you to fly two spaceships at once (multitasking… in spaaaace!), add luxury liners, overhaul space station interiors and introduce aliens.

The patch will be revealed starting tomorrow on a Gamescom livestream for Elite Dangerous that will begin at Aug. 18, 10 AM CET (which is 5 AM Eastern Time and 2 AM Pacific Time).

The presentation did not explicitly reveal the aliens, but it did reveal a green, alien spaceship hanging out near a bunch of wrecked human ships. More details, and hopefully a glimpse at the game’s alien adversaries, will be revealed during the livestream, on Sunday.

Apart from aliens, the patch will add what is described as a “drone system.” Essentially, if you’re piloting a large vessel, you can open up those bays and let loose the metaphorical dogs of war – or, well, smaller ships. You can control these directly if you wish, and your main ship will be controlled by AI.

One example of the larger ships introduced in the patch is the luxury liner, which transports people in space. You can also choose to partner with a fighter, who will help protect your ship and its (no doubt wealthy) passengers from foes. It’s basically like Titanic if it was a space Western.

Space station interiors will be getting renovated, although this will be limited to only the “richer sectors.” The rest will have to wait for now.


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