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Star Citizen is Free For Everyone This Weekend in Honor of Gamescom 2016

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Star Citizen is Free For Everyone This Weekend in Honor of Gamescom 2016

Forget No Man’s Sky for a few days and jump into Star Citizen this weekend.

Already tired of No Man’s Sky and looking to try something a little bit different? If that’s the case you’re in luck because Star Citizen will be free this weekend so that everyone can jump on board and start exploring the expansive universe created by Chris Roberts and the folks over at Cloud Imperium Games. The so-called “Free Fly” event is hosted in honor of Gamescom 2016 and will last until next Monday, August 22nd.

It’s worth noting that Star Citizen is still very much in its Alpha testing phase and therefore, only a rather small portion of the game is playable right now. Having said that, there’s definitely plenty to explore even at this early stage of the space simulator and Cloud Imperium is giving everybody three ships to start their journey on the right foot in the form of the Mustang Gamma, Sabre, and Freelancer.

Those interested in taking part in the Free Fly event will first need to create an account on the official website or simply sign in if they already have one. Step two will require gamers to enter the promo code GAMESCOM2016 in the appropriate field before moving on to step three, which consists of downloading the Star Citizen Alpha and playing to their heart’s content until next Monday.

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