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Pokemon GO: How to Dodge Effectively in Battle


Pokemon GO: How to Dodge Effectively in Battle

The best offense is a good defense.

At first it might look like all you can do in Pokemon GO gym battles is tap the screen like a mad man to attack your opponent, but you can actually use special attacks and even dodge incoming attacks as well.

The process is simple: when you see the opposing Pokemon about to lunge forward with their attack, or when you see yellow flash on the edge of your screen, simply swipe left or right. A message should pop up notifying you of your successful dodge, if it was indeed successful. If it wasn’t, you’ll just sustain the normal damage from the attack.

Gym battles are a delicate balance between attacking and defending, and a lack of dodging could cost you your precious victory. Practice your technique, and you’ll be dodging like a champ in no time.

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