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McDonald’s Could Be Pokemon GO’s First Sponsored PokeStop


McDonald’s Could Be Pokemon GO’s First Sponsored PokeStop

Would you like some Pikachu with that?

If you’re playing Pokemon GO, you already know how incredibly useful PokeStops can be. Players can collect free items, experience points if they’re hitting it up for the first time, and even deploy a Lure Module to attract new Pokemon to their location. It’s also worth mentioning that Lure Modules will be visible to surrounding players, so anyone who sees it show up on their app will be attracted to that location so that they can join in on the catching fun.

That said, it would be a pretty smart business decision for Niantic to start considering sponsorships with various retailers and set up PokeStops at their locations to attract more customers. It looks like McDonald’s could be the first sponsored PokeStop we see in Pokemon GO.

Over at Reddit, some users have already found that McDonald’s is mentioned in the game’s source code. Of course, this isn’t definitive proof of anything, but it is possible that the popular fast food chain might just end up being the first sponsored PokeStop in the game. This makes sense, considering McDonald’s outlets aren’t that hard to find, and the free Wi-Fi service would certainly entice trainers in the vicinity.

We’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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