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The Biggest Pokemon GO Myths Busted (and One Confirmed)


The Biggest Pokemon GO Myths Busted (and One Confirmed)

So many rumors, are any true?

Reclaiming Poke Balls

pokeball pokemon go

One big rumor going around was that players can reclaim Poke Balls that missed their mark in Pokemon GO. All you had to do was quickly tap the Poke Ball as it rolled before it disappeared entirely. Poke Balls are one of the core items of the entire game, and we all wanted to believe we could waste less on that dang Zubat. But does it actually work?

Well… no. It turns out that that tapping the Poke Ball doesn’t do anything. Some players may notice an animation and the number near the Poke Ball reflect a reclaimed ball, but upon the next throw the number is corrected. At least there are always PokeStops to help you top off your supplies. 

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