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Cheating in Pokemon GO Will Result in an Account Ban


Cheating in Pokemon GO Will Result in an Account Ban

Think of all the crying Pikachus.

Pokemon GO’s bans and restrictions don’t seem to be quite as harsh or severe as other games like Overwatch or Dark Souls III, but it can be pretty darn depressing, especially if you have to watch everyone around you have fun while you mope.

Over at Reddit, some users have reported that location/GPS spoofing, or trying to trick the game into thinking that you’re in another location, will result in a ban on your account.

“I know this is obvious, but Pokémon Go has an anti spoofing system built in. Most apps simply won’t work and (I’m talking about Androids) rooted exploits will result in a ban.

Here’s what happens when you get banned – 1. You can’t get items from pokestops. 2. You can’t catch Pokémon. Any Pokémon, irrespective of its CP, will run away after you throw a Pokeball. 3. You can’t battle or claim a gym.

It’s best that you don’t attempt to cheat.”

For now, it looks like you’ll only receive a softban, which means the account suspension isn’t permanent. However, think about all the Gyms and Pokemon you’ll be missing out on by cheating and getting banned.

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