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Overwatch’s New Support Sniper Ana Amari is Now Live on PC


Overwatch’s New Support Sniper Ana Amari is Now Live on PC

Overwatch’s new sniper mom is here!

Following her official unveiling last week, Overwatch’s first new hero character Ana Amari is now live on the PC version of the game. Since last week, the character has been playable on the game’s public test servers, but today Blizzard flipped the switch to add her to the official roster.

Ana, who is both a sniper and a support character, is vastly different from any other Overwatch hero. She heals her teammates by shooting them with healing syringes, but can also take down enemies with them. She also has a biotic grenade that halts the healing of enemies, while healing teammates. Her other two abilities are a sleep dart that temporarily incapacitates a single target, and her ultimate ability, the Nano Boost, which boosts a single teammate’s damage and speed to make them a momentary powerhouse.

We’ve been testing Ana and her abilities for the past week. We wrote about how Ana could change up Overwatch competitive for the better. We also have a guide for how to play Ana effectively, and a quick explanation of her complicated backstory, including her motherhood to Pharah.


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