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Blizzard Reveals Ana, Overwatch’s New Sniper-Support Hero

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Blizzard Reveals Ana, Overwatch’s New Sniper-Support Hero

A new kind of hero.

Blizzard has been teasing the reveal of a new Overwatch hero for quite some time, and now we finally have an official reveal of the new hero coming to the game. The character was going to be announced at San Diego Comic Con, but Blizzard has gone ahead with the reveal today showing off two different videos.

Ana is a sniper-support character who also happens to be the mother of Pharah, another hero already featured in the game. She has strong ties to the lore of Overwatch, which we’re shown in an origin story video detailing her background. She’s a battle scarred agent, who in a moment of hesitation lost against Widowmaker and was left behind by her Overwatch allies and assumed dead.

Her weapon allows her to heal allies with shots from her sniper rifle, on top of damaging enemies. She also has abilities that look they can stun enemies opening them up for an attack, and she even has a device that can put other heroes to sleep, which she uses to stop Mccree’s “High Noon” ultimate. You can see a gameplay trailer featuring Ana down below.

There’s no release date for when Ana will be coming to Overwatch, although Blizzard does say she’s coming soon.

What do you think of the new sniper-support character coming to Overwatch? How do you think she’ll shake up the gameplay? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.


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