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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Ana Amari


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Ana Amari

Learn to play effectively as the sniper-support, Ana.

Ana Amari in Overwatch

ana amari overwatch

Ana Amari is truly a jack of all trades if there ever was one in Overwatch. Ana is a sniper character, but unlike Hanzo and Blackwidow, she resides in the support category. Why, you might ask? Well it’s because her Biotic Rifle also shoots healing darts. Meaning you can hang back and shoot enemies to deal damage over time, and shoot allies to heal them.

Remember, though, Ana is more of a jack of all trades than a dedicated bonafide healer. There’s a noticeable delay between her sniper shots, and she can only fire at one person at a time, friend or foe. Meaning she’s not going to be able to quickly patch up an entire team with her sniper when it hits the fan. She is best paired up with someone like Lucio who can do front line area of effect healing while Ana hangs back, does some damage, and also helps with some long distance healing that Lucio can’t safely get to. Together, they can be a formidable support team.

Ana is more than just sniping and healing, though. She also has fantastic support abilities, as well. Her Biotic Grenades fit her DPS/Healer hybrid role well. She can throw it at allies (or at herself) for a quick burst of HP recovery and a temporary increased healing buff to anyone hit by it. If it hits any enemies, it instead does damage, and applies a debuff that prevents enemy healing for a short amount of time. This is perfect for shutting down a push reliant on Mercy healing. If you see Mercy and a buddy coming your way, smack them with the Biotic Grenade and suddendly Mercy is helpless to heal that person for a short time.

Ana’s primary weakness, though, is at close range, where she lacks any reliable close range weapon. Her best bet is to use her Sleep Dart ability to get away, which renders an enemy unconscious until they take damage. It can also be used to shut an ultimate down. Quite handy indeed!

Finally, Ana has her own way of pushing her team forward with her ultimate, Nano Boost. Nano Boost applies to a teammate and, for a short time, turns that person into a killing machine. They will move much faster, do increased damage, and take less damage in return. By using this on a strong offensive character like Solider 76, or even a tank like D.Va, you can create a huge threat the other team will be forced to deal with right away or else they will get rolled real fast.

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