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Here’s Persona 5’s Full Opening Animation Featuring the Main Cast

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Here’s Persona 5’s Full Opening Animation Featuring the Main Cast

But why are they skating?

Persona fans had quite a few suprises today during Atlus’ Premium Event, where they showed off seven new announcements for Persona 5. One of the new things we saw today, was the full opening animation for the game. We’ve already seen most of it in various trailers, but the full version features the game’s opening theme song with vocals, and the new characters that were announced a while back including Futabu Sakura.

The opening also displays the primary color theme for Persona 5. Whereas Persona 3’s theme was blue, and Persona 4’s theme was yellow, the newest entry in the series is all about red. You can see each of these colors represented in each game’s opening. Take a look at the full opening for Persona 5 down below.

Persona 5 launches on February 14, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Atlus also gave us a look at the first 18 minutes of the game today, showing the protagonist breaking into a casino area and ultimately getting captured. Yesterday, we also got a look at some gameplay of  daily activities and battle system.

How do you think Persona 5’s opening stacks up against the ones of Persona 3 and 4?


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