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Telltale’s Batman Trailer Has Bats, Action, and Speeches


Telltale’s Batman Trailer Has Bats, Action, and Speeches

Time to save the city.

After promise of an announcement last week, the first gameplay trailer for Telltale’s Batman series has debuted, and it looks like a faithful adaptation of the DC Comics character. Check it out below.

Like every Telltale game, you’ll have the ability to make choices that affect the game going forward. In this case, it looks like you may affect whether or not Harvey Dent will stay a good man or buckle under the weight of the Falcone crime family and possibly end up as Two-Face. There’s also plenty of action in the trailer, and foreboding speeches by both Alfred Pennyworth and Harvey.

The first episode, “Realm of Shadows”, will be available digitally on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on August 2. A retail version of the game will be available as well that functions like a season pass, providing the first episode while giving you future episodes via online updates. That version will be purchasable at stores on September 13.

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