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Metal Gear Solid Couldn’t Have Existed Without PlayStation, says Kojima


Metal Gear Solid Couldn’t Have Existed Without PlayStation, says Kojima

Back to the roots.

The first Metal Gear Solid game on the PS1 was a real technical marvel because of cinematic it was, and the usage of the 3D models (though dated, by today’s standards) really helped players develop a sense of immersion while going through the game. At this year’s Develop conference, series creator Hideo Kojima confirmed that the series does have PlayStation and Sony to thank.

After making Metal Gear 1 and 2, Kojima had considered the series completed and was ready to move on to other projects. As a stealth game, Metal Gear was supposed to be  “hide-and-seek game” where the player’s viewpoint would change depending on how you moved. Because Kojima didn’t have access to 3D models at the time, they were only able to work in 2D, where players viewed the game from a top-down perspective.

“I was working on other adventure games until I heard the news that this hardware called PlayStation was going to be released. The impressive thing about that was you would be able to make real time polygons.”

The ability to create a Metal Gear game in 3D enticed Kojima, and eventually brought him back to the series. He concluded the keynote with this statement:

“So, you can say in a way that thanks to PlayStation Metal Gear Solid existed at all. The technology that PlayStation had was what made Metal Gear Solid possible.”

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