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Twitch Plays Pokemon GO is Officially a Thing


Twitch Plays Pokemon GO is Officially a Thing

The phenomenon returns.

Remember when Twitch Plays Pokemon was a phenomenon that practically shook the gaming community a few years back? It’s been such an ingenious idea that the system used to make it work was adapted for other games, including Dark Souls, and now the phenomenon has extended to the recently released Pokemon GO as well.

The game is in ‘democracy mode’ right now, meaning players get to key in commands from the chat, and the system decides on whichever command was most popular. The setup also uses location/GPS spoofing so the chat can basically go around the world catching whatever Pokemon they see. Of course, there are also concerns that GPS spoofing is a violation of Niantic’s terms of agreement, but the Twitch Plays Pokemon GO masterminds have stated that they’d be fine with the account getting banned because of that.

“If Niantic or Nintendo wish to ban the account that we’re playing with we would understand, but we assume they know this is all in good fun.”

The channel is offline now, but who knows when it’ll return again?

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