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Enjoy This Premium Darth Vader Disney Infinity Figure That We’ll Never Have


Enjoy This Premium Darth Vader Disney Infinity Figure That We’ll Never Have

The force was really, really strong with this one.

Infiniteer Adventures, a Disney Infinity-focused YouTube channel, has revealed yet another exclusive for what could have been for the popular toys-to-life game, had it not been cancelled.

This time, we get a look at at the Darth Vader “premium” figure.

Premium figures were designed to be much larger than normal figures, standing at 12 inches tall, and also featuring certain parts that would light up and glow. They would also offer new, more powerful in-game abilities.

Check out the video on Darth Vader’s planned premium figure below, which also shows off some gameplay for how the character might have felt to play as in the game itself.

Other characters planned to have received the premium treatment included Hulk, Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Jack Skellington and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor.

They would have undoubtedly cost players a little more money to purchase, but it’s unclear exactly how much it would have set you back to get a hold of one of these beauties.

Unfortunately, none of the premium figures were ever able to make it to market before Disney Infinity was cancelled in May.

Stay tuned with Twinfinite for all future Disney Infinity news.



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