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Pokemon GO: Want Rare Pokemon? Go to Times Square, NYC


Pokemon GO: Want Rare Pokemon? Go to Times Square, NYC

Welcome to the Safari Zone.

In the pursuit of finding rare Pokemon one can easily get frustrated at the torrent of Weedles, Pidgeys, and Rattatas that constantly spring up. With certain Pokemon being exceedingly rare, it can be difficult to locate good hunting spots  that churn out a high rate of elusive pocket monsters. Thankfully, if you have any plans to visit or live close to New York City, the famed Time Square is swarming Pokemon GO activity.

One of the reasonings for this is the sheer amount of PokeStops per block in Times Square, as they are absolutely saturated around this location. It’s possible to just sit in one area and register in 2-3 PokeStops without ever having to move. This becomes even more potent thanks to the amount of Lure Modules that everyone is using, which turns Times Square into a concentrated Pokemon hunting area. Think of it as Pokemon Go’s Safri Zone, where you will never have to walk more than a few feet to bump into a Pokemon.

Due to this massive collective of trainers and PokeStops, this makes hunting for rare and fully evolved Pokemon that much easier. The area also has a very high number of electric type Pokemon such as Voltorb and Magnemite, which seem to have a habit of showing up in more urban environments. In my own brief experience in Times Square, I managed to snag a variety of rare Pokemon such as a Rhydon, SeaKing, Exeggcute, and a Dodrio. It should be noted that I was level 8 when I arrived here and that your trainer’s level will affect the rate of rare Pokemon showing up.

So if you live around the area or are just planning a trip to The Big Apple, make sure to visit Times Square for all your Pokemon Go related needs. Just don’t throw a Pokeball at the guy in the Pikachu costume, he’s not part of the game.

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