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Ubisoft Doesn’t Care How You Say Their Name


Ubisoft Doesn’t Care How You Say Their Name

Who cares, man.

There’s definitive ways that we all say words (it’s “gif”, not “jif”), but one word that no one can really seem to agree on is Ubisoft. Is it Oobi? Youbi? No one really knows, but it’s hotly contested if you ever bring it up among people. If you were hoping that the studio itself would be able to finally settle this once and for all, you can…be prepared for disappointment, because actually they don’t really care.

The French developer/publisher behind Assassin’s Creed and The Division got several of its employees together for a cute little video where they all say how they pronounce the name of the company they work in. One guy even changes his answer after being asked again. Gareth from Bucharest pronounces it “Oobi” when he’s talking the French and Canadians, while the rest of us get “Youbi”. CEO Yves Guillemont says that you can pronounce it however you want, so don’t feel bad either way.

Glad to hear that Ubisoft’s name has been sorta settled. Now, if only we could figure out how to say Ico…

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