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Current Overwatch Loot Boxes Won’t Contain Items for New Hero Ana Amari


Current Overwatch Loot Boxes Won’t Contain Items for New Hero Ana Amari

Just open them at once.

If you’ve been considering stockpiling Loot Boxes in anticipation of unlocking some new customization items for the recently announced hero Ana Amari, Blizzard clarifies that this method will not work. Over at the forums, community manager Lylirra has given a statement on how the Loot Boxes in Overwatch work.

You gain a Loot Box each time you level up in the game, and the contents of the box are generated when they are earned, not when they are opened. This means that the contents of the box will be decided the second you earn them, and they won’t change even if you save them for Ana Amari’s addition to the character roster.

“This means that any Loot Box you earn or purchase now, or at any point before Ana is released, will not have a chance to contain her cosmetic items. Only those Loot Boxes that are earned or purchased after she is live and playable on your gaming platform will be eligible for her skins, sprays, voice lines, hero emotes, etc. (This is how the system will continue to work for future content updates, too.)”

That’s a little unfortunate, but hey, what better way to keep us playing Overwatch, right?

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