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Take a Look at Lost Soul Aside, a FFXV-Inspired Game With Only One Developer

Lost Soul Aside

Take a Look at Lost Soul Aside, a FFXV-Inspired Game With Only One Developer

Final Fantasy meets Devil May Cry

Final Fantasy XV is still about two months from release, but already its aesthetic and gameplay have begun to inspire other games. Bing Yang, a Korean indie developer, is one such person who decided to create his own game after viewing the FFXV trailer two years ago. Lost Soul Aside is a solo project that manages to capture much of what FFXV has been praised highly for, while mixing in the very fast-paced action from games such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. A gameplay trailer was recently released for the game which showed off much of the combat as well as the gorgeous visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4. Check it out below:

Lost Soul Aside looks incredibly clean and smooth, however the game is still very much in the “prototype stage” as Yang explained. There isn’t much known about the story of the game either outside the fact that Yang has stated the main character’s name is Kazer and that he uses the powers at his disposal to fight creatures in a previously war-torn land in an effort to “save himself.” Kazer also appears to have a shapeshifting dragon-like ally which serves as both his weapon and other various abilities.

Although the borrowed aesthetic certainly works for the game, Yang has decided to go it his own way from here on, “I have to say that I’ll change the design in the future, make it look more unique, FFXV taught me how to walk and I have to walk my own way.” So much of what Yang has accomplished on his own is beyond impressive. The future for the game is unclear as of now, however Yang has stated that with enough community interest the game will certainly live on. There has also been a number of questions regarding possible crowd-funding for Lost Soul Aside, but currently there aren’t any plans for it. “Thank you everyone who asked to help, I’m not refusing you guys, I just have to make a viable plan before I turn to your help,” said Yang.

Lost Soul Aside is definitely a project to keep an eye on and Bing Yang is truly remarkable to have created this in just two years. What do you think of Lost Soul Aside? Leave a comment and let us know!


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