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Pokemon Sun and Moon Looks to Have New Koala and Dog Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon Looks to Have New Koala and Dog Pokemon


The latest leak from CoroCoro reveals two new Pokemon that will appear in Sun and Moon. The first will be a koala like creature named Nekkoala, who appears to be sleeping and holding a log. The other is dog-like named Iwanko and can be quickly seen in the latest trailer. Fans were quick to point out Iwanko, whose name and typing was unknown at the time, in the trailer when it was spotted with its trainer for a split second.


Nekkoala is a normal-type with the ability Definite Sleep and Iwanko is a rock-type which can have Keen Eye or Vital Spirit as an ability, according to Serebii. There was no mention of where the Pokemon can be caught within the region or any other information about the starters. Last time Sun and Moon made the news was when more information about the legendaries and region was released.

It should also be mentioned that gameplay from the upcoming games will be shown at E3 next week. It is possible that fans will be able to learn more about future Pokemon at the event. For now, the biggest mysteries left are why all these new Pokemon are so cute, and if fans are #TeamKoala or #TeamDog.


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