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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Everything We Know So Far


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Everything We Know So Far

Knowing is half the battle.

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Welcome to Alola!

Alola Region

Pokemon Sun and Moon will take place in Alola, a brand new region based off of Hawaii. This archipelago seems to sport quite a bit of diversity over its four major islands, as well as what appears to be some type of cruise ship or floating building. While it’s not clear that what each of these unique islands has in store for players, the tropical setting very clearly has a lot of influence on design.

The active volcano in the northwest, the waterpark, the huge resorts that can be seen from the bird’s-eye view of the region, and the crystal blue waters will definitely make for an interesting backdrop to this latest adventure. Not a whole lot has been shared about the Pokemon that will inhabit the land, though. But it will be interesting to see if the tropical influence extends to all of the new creatures as well. 

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