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Paradox Reveals More Artwork for Upcoming Crusader Kings 2 DLC

Crusader Kings 2


Paradox Reveals More Artwork for Upcoming Crusader Kings 2 DLC

More images for yet to be announced DLC revealed.

Whether you’re a die-hard Paradox Interactive fan or just enjoy causing some Medieval era mischief (assassinations count as mischief right?) listen up. Paradox has revealed more artwork for a currently unannounced Crusader Kings 2 DLC.

Over on the Crusader Kings 2 Twitter account, Paradox Interactive released the following image which depicts people dragging out their dead to be hauled away. The image was accompanied by the following message “Speaking of things looking nice, we have a fair bit of new art for the unannounced DLC.”

bring out your dead

Along with revealing this image, Paradox Interactive also showed off the artwork for some of the traits/icons that will be added to the DLC. These were created by Paradox Interactives newest 2D artist, Bjarne Hallberg:


Content-wise, Paradox has revealed that the currently unannounced Crusader Kings 2 DLC will introduce plague Epidemics and various new events which include leaper colonies moving in to your country.

In other Crusader Kings 2 news, the studio revealed that the upcoming 2.6 patch will revise the games succession screen.

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