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EA Promises “Completely Different” Star Wars Games, and Teases VR

Star Wars EA

EA Promises “Completely Different” Star Wars Games, and Teases VR

All the Star Wars.

Star Wars is a beloved series across many people all over the world for countless reasons. Because of this, EA is focusing on bringing “completely different” Star Wars games to the fans in hopes of delivering all the things that makes the series great. EA shared a video discussing their future with the franchise as well as their partnerships with Lucas Arts and the developers working on the games.

EA’s hope with Battlefront is to “bring people into the world of Star Wars like never before” and in the future they’re looking into adding more characters, more planets, more environments and even more eras. Both Criterion and Motive Studios are hard at work molding Battlefront into an experience that appeals to a wide variety of  fans. The video also shows off future VR support for Battlefront as well.

Both Respawn Entertainment and Visceral Games are a few of those developers creating a brand new experiences this vast universe. While not many specifics were given, both developers focused on their desire to create “Wow!” moments for the fans as well as tell an “authentic Star Wars story.” We did get a first look at Visceral’s game through concept art and some very early in-game footage. You can check out the video below.

Finally it seems there’s more in the future for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. While the latter aims to “bring in characters from all the films, all the TV shows, and beyond,” the former will continue to provide players will a multitude of choices and amazing stories.

There seems to be a lot on the horizon for Star Wars in the hands of EA. With strong teams behind the games we’re excited to see what the future holds. Which Star Wars game are you most excited for? Leave a comment and let us know. And for all your E3 news, previews, and more, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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