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Detroit: Become Human Gets an Awesome Gameplay Trailer at E3


Detroit: Become Human Gets an Awesome Gameplay Trailer at E3

What choices will you make?

E3 is in full swing and over the past few days we’ve seen some amazing new games. PlayStation gamers have a lot to talk about, including the great gameplay trailer for Detroit: Become Human.

The gameplay trailer was eager to stress the importance of how your choices can have a huge impact on how the game’s story plays out. If you go in unprepared then you should expect for things to go badly. However, if you do your homework like a real detective, you will have a better chance at making things go your way. Players will have to choose how they speak to other characters and must choose their words carefully if they don’t want things to get ugly.

The gameplay trailer highlighted all this by showing the numerous ways a hostage situation could have been handled. You can check the trailer out for yourself below:

Detroit: Become Human will explore the idea of androids becoming sentient and how their role in society will be shaped. The game is being developed by Quantic Dream and is being directed by David Cage, known for his other games Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

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