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Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay Demo Showcases Combat Choices and Crafting

horizon gameplay

Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay Demo Showcases Combat Choices and Crafting

Horizon in action.

A new gameplay demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn, shown at Sony’s E3 press conference, offers the first in depth look at the game’s combat and other core gameplay elements.

The nine minute demo showcased the stealth gameplay that sees players tag enemies, find weakspots, and make use of the multiple bows and arrow types. The combat is based on agility and picking the right time to attack. Players can fight from horse back as well as use slingshots, electric bolts, and explosive traps.

The trailer also showed us the dialogue wheel that allows players to choose what to say, the open world map, crafting system, and enemy types. In particular, Corruptor machines corrupt other enemies, making them stronger and harder to defeat. For all the new information, see the demo below.

We first saw Horizon: Zero Dawn at last year’s E3, where Guerrilla Games revealed they would be moving on from their well-known Killzone franchise to work on robot dinosaurs. Just before E3, the studio announced the game would be delayed to February 28, 2017, confirming rumors of a delay we saw earlier in the year.

“We also want to ensure that the game lives up to the visuals and gameplay quality that our games are known for,” said Managing Director Herman Hulst. “We realize this may not please everyone.”

Along with news of the delay came the unveiling of the game’s box art and Collector’s Edition, which will include a nine-inch Aloy statue, an art book, a steelbook case, and more.

For more on Horizon: Zero Dawn, as well as for all the E3 news and previews, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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