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Civilization VI is Changing the Way You Build Cities


Civilization VI is Changing the Way You Build Cities

Watch your cities grow, one tile at a time.

While past games saw players focus on the city center more than anything else, Civilization VI is changing things up. Not only will cities spread across the environment in the franchise’s next entry, but the environment will now play a much larger role in how your city develops.

The big change comes in the form of Districts. Separate from the city center, each District occupies a tile and has its own specialization. These include research, growth, culture, and production. More than that though, each District has its own environmental bonuses, forcing you to consider carefully where you want to build each one.

In the same way, Wonders now take up their own tile and you can only build them on certain terrain specific to each Wonder and bordering specific Districts. All of the changes are meant to push players to really consider how they want each city to grow.

Districts add a new visual flavor to the game, as well as new strategic elements. When attacking cities, you can attack specific districts, crippling a city before you ever reach the center.

“There isn’t one template for success in Civilization VI, and players need to react to the environment around them,” 2K explains in a post on the game’s website.

Civilization VI releases October 21. We had a chance to play the game at E3. Be sure to check out our thoughts.

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