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Fallout 4’s New DLC Lets You Build Your Own Vault and Visit Nuka World


Fallout 4’s New DLC Lets You Build Your Own Vault and Visit Nuka World

Get ready to explore Nuka World.

Fallout 4, DLC, Nuka World

Bethesda’s E3 press conference kicked off today, and Fallout fans had a lot to be excited about with three new DLC packs announced. Add on 5, called Contraptions, lets players build elevators for their settlements and even some crazy contraptions to do various things. Contraptions launches next week for all systems.

The second DLC announced was Vault-Tec, an add-on that lets players build their own vaults and customize them however they want, even giving you the ability to experiment on Vault Dwellers. No price was given for Vault-Tec, but the pack will be releasing this July.

Finally, Bethesda announced the rumored theme park DLC with a very quick trailer, called Nuka World. Although no details were given on what visiting Nuka World will entail, the video shows gives us a look at the entry of the park. No price was given for Nuka World, although the DLC will be launching in August.  Take a look at the videos shown for each add-on pack in the video down below.

Are you excited to get more Fallout 4 DLC? What do you think about visiting Nuka World, and building your own Vault in the game? Leave a comment and let us know.


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