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Here’s The Final Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer, ‘Why We Run’


Here’s The Final Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer, ‘Why We Run’

See. Faith. Run.

This morning, EA released the last big trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst following its release on June 7th next month. The trailer delves deeper into the story of the game, hinting at Faith’s delinquency from a young age in juvenile detention.

More interestingly, we get a look at one new gameplay feature not shown off before or in the beta. At one point you can clearly see Faith riding what looks to be a drone-like glider across the sky. As she flies with it, we see her covering a large distance very quickly and even doing some wall-running mid-flight. This strikes me as a possible late game ability for Faith that allows her to get around the city faster, but it’s always possible that it’s simply a setpiece style story mission. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

Just yesterday, we reported that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will make it onto EA Access five days ahead of its release on June 2nd. The usually 10-hour free trial for Access members has been bumped down to six hours for Catalyst, which makes us wonder if the story mode could theoretically be completed within those 10 hours.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Catalyst?


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