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The Total War Team has Wanted to do Fantasy Since the Beginning

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The Total War Team has Wanted to do Fantasy Since the Beginning

A match made in the awesome nerdy corner of heaven.

The latest Total War hits stores today, bringing in a new era for the franchise with the first ever fantasy installment, Total War: WARHAMMER. While some fans might be unhappy with the new direction, it turns out fantasy is something the team has always had an eye towards.

“We’d always wanted, right from the start, from the very first Total War game, we’d always wanted to do a fantasy Total War. Warhammer was the obvious match,” Mike Simpson, the game’s creative director explains in the behind the scenes video below. “We talked to Games Workshop over the years, since the beginning of Total War, and eventually we decided to go ahead and pick Warhammer.”

The video also includes details about how the team used the diverse rules and lore of Warhammer to their advantage, making the predefined universe, as Lead Campaign Designer Jim Whitson puts it, “anything but a straight-jacket.”

In a statement released alongside the “making of” video, Project Lead, Ian Roxburgh even goes as far as to say, “In terms of two great British franchises coming together, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect union… It’s rich fantasy with decades worth of lore meeting over 15 years of RTS experience and we feel we’ve delivered on our promise to bring it to life in a way no one has attempted before.”

Total War: WARHAMMER is out on PC today. How do you feel about the fantasy setting? Is it what you’ve wanted from Total War from the beginning as well? Let us know in the comments.

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