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EVE: Online is Free This Weekend to Celebrate its 13th Anniversary

EVE Online, july update

EVE: Online is Free This Weekend to Celebrate its 13th Anniversary

EVE: Online is a teenager!

After 13 years of space battles and epic sandbox narratives worthy of the greatest science fiction authors, EVE: Online is still going strong. To celebrate the anniversary, called Capsuleer Day, CCP is offering the game for free from now until Sunday at 1PM PT on Steam.

“For over a decade now, time and time again our community has completely destroyed the assumptions and expectations of what a massively multiplayer game should be. Year on year the pilots who inhabit this incredible universe that we’ve all created together have continued to tread new ground, creating incredible player driver narratives, new challenges for CCP as developers, and some of the largest conflicts, wars and propaganda campaigns ever seen in gaming,” CCP admired in a post on the game’s website.

Welcoming new players and old, the free weekend is also meant to celebrate the recent release of EVE: Online’s latest expansion, Citadel. In the new expansion, CPP has added massive, player built cities, the citadels for which the expansion is named, and a large number of other new features and changes. The developer claims it is the game’s largest expansion to date.

Unfortunately, according to comments on the announcement, it appears some returning players are having trouble claiming the free weekend. But for new players, and returning players still willing to give it a try, find all the information you need here.

Are you surprised EVE: Online has been going for 13 years now? Or have you been playing it the whole time and loving every minute of it? Let us know in the comments.

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