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Call of Duty Is Stronger Than Ever, Says Activision

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Call of Duty Is Stronger Than Ever, Says Activision

“Right now, the franchise has never been stronger.”

The Call of Duty franchise has “never been stronger,” according to Activision CEO .

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was recently revealed and the fan base has been somewhat negative towards the game. The title’s reveal trailer currently holds 197,000 likes and over 436,000 dislikes. This has no doubt been due to the fact that the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster will only be available to those who buy Infinite Warfare.

Despite this, Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg, remains confident in the franchise.

At the Activision earnings report, he said: “We’ve made a great game [Black Ops 3] that our fans love and that’s demonstrated by the fact that our monthly active users are at all-time highs.”

He added: “Season Pass is at an all-time high and, in fact, we expect to deliver the most map packs ever to players with Black Ops III.”
“Right now, the franchise has never been stronger. We have more people playing Black Ops III, a game that takes place in the future with boost jumps and fictitious weapons and all the rest, than any game in our history.”
Time will tell if Infinite Warfare proves to be a hit, but right now it’s anyone’s guess. Fans are being vocal in their criticism of the game, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them playing.

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