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Hey Dark Souls Fans, Gwynevere is Single and on Tinder


Hey Dark Souls Fans, Gwynevere is Single and on Tinder

Amazing chest ahead?

She’s Lord Gwyn’s eldest daughter. She’s known as the goddess of fertility and the Princess of Sunlight. Dark Souls fans will always know her as the giant lady that awaits you after defeating Ornstein and Smough, arguably the toughest bosses you’ll face in the first game. As it turns out, our Sunlight Princess Gwynevere is actually looking for a match on Tinder.

Just yesterday, the UK gaming magazine, Forerunner, tweeted out a screenshot of Gwynevere’s Tinder profile. It reads: “Just a lonely soul seeking someone to kindle my flame.”

Now I’m not exactly sure what the lore implications of this are, considering that the Princess of Sunlight has pretty much been missing for most of the events occurring in the Dark Souls timeline. She’s mentioned a few times here and there in Dark Souls III, but there’s still no concrete evidence telling us what has happened to her since the first linking of the fire. As we can deduce from her appearance on Tinder, perhaps Gwynevere simply fled Anor Londo and she’s just been looking for her soulmate (heh) ever since then.

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