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Mobile Games Have a Lot of Angry Yelling Dudes


Mobile Games Have a Lot of Angry Yelling Dudes

Sensing a pattern, here.

So, it seems angry shouting men are taking over the mobile games charts.

As Twitter user Palle_Hoffstein pointed out, there certainly seems to be a pattern here. There seems to be something compelling about a screaming face, don’t you think?

Many of these games—like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Game of War – Fire Age—have made the top 50 grossing iPhone games. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood mobile game currently sits at #65; think her app could move up a few slots with a strategically screaming icon?

Which face is your favorite? We can’t choose just one, but Clash of Clans (the second from the left in Hoffstein’s showcase) is definitely the worst; there’s too much spit detail.

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This post was originally written by Nicole Carpenter.

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