pride of nindo codes
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Pride of Nindo Codes

Even the hokage needs some Pride of Nindo codes every now and then.

If you’re a big fan of Naruto, you’re probably playing Pride of Nindo. It’s a chill auto-battler, featuring a great deal of the cast from Naruto. You can combine your favorite characters from the anime into a dream team and pit them against other ninjas. Of course, like every other mobile game, Pride of Nindo has a bunch of codes to redeem!

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All Working Pride of Nindo Codes

Every Pride of Nindo code you see before you all offer a variety of resources. More importantly, they’re active and ready to redeem right now:

  • BORUTO0901: 5 Premium Summon Tickets and 200 Golds (New)
  • SASUKE777: 100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Tsunade0840: 5 Premium Sumon Tickets and 200 Golds 
  • Discord123: 100 Tier-Up Orb, 300 Golds, and 1 Premium Summon Tickets
  • Momoshiki: 100 Golds and 2 Premium Summon Tickets
  • Mitsuki789: 100 Golds and 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
  • Hokage123: 100 Tier-Up Orb, 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets, and 100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Chidori77: 100 Basic Summon Tickets and 100 Raffle Tickets
  • Kurama99: 100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Chakra77: 100 Basic Summon Tickets and 100 Raffle Tickets
  • Kage999: 100 Basic Summon Tickets, 100 Tier-Up Orb, and 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets

All Expired Pride of Nindo Codes

Unfortunately, none of these codes will work in-game anymore. They’ve expired, you see, and aren’t in circulation. Using the following codes is futile!

  • Pain222
  • Shikamaru0601
  • Chiyo2305
  • Rasa0401

How to Redeem Codes In-Game

how to redeem codes in pride of nindo
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Now, for the most important part of our guide: redeeming your free gifts in Pride of Nindo! Not so fast there, Jethro. Are you level 10 yet? It’s important that you are because you can’t redeem codes until then. When you’re level 10, come back here and follow along:

  1. Go back to the village; it’s in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Select your profile picture in the top-left corner.
  3. Tap the ‘Redeem’ button. It’s in the center, just above your team lineup.
  4. Type in an active code; case-sensitivity matters!

And then you’ve got your Pride of Nindo codes redeemed. Hey, that didn’t take long, right? You can stick around for a minute longer and redeem some more codes. The links are down below, where you find code guides for games like Call of Duty Mobile and Dead by Daylight Mobile.

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